June 2017

Because my wife and I were away in our RV during May no operating session was held. June’s session was not held as well because it clashed with the Adelaide model railway exhibition held at Greyhound Park Angle Park Adelaide on June 10 – 12.
I helped out with the Adelaide Model Railroaders over the exhibition weekend. I did manage to take a few photos though.



The Adelaide Model Railroaders operating their HO scale American switching layout called Central Industry Park. The layout uses NCE DCC.


An operators view of the Central Industry Park.


Traffic on the road bridge through the Central Industry Park. The bridge is a “Scale Scenes” card kit downloaded from the internet and built by one of the members of the AMR.


This gravel crushing plant, on the Central Industry Park, scratch built during the 1970s by the late Len Opie received a lot of interest by the viewing public.


One of my favourite layouts was  HO scale Kapunda. Here we see a 930 hauling a grain train past the silos.


Kapunda: 847 passing the goods shed.


830 class loco a small Alco again on Kapunda.


The HO scale “RJ Corman railroad co West Virginia cluster” used NCE DCC. The owner told me that it was based on a plan called the Virginian that was published in Model Railroader. It was an 8X4 with an add on.


Lakeside was the HO scale layout entered by the Noarlunga MRC. It was a very busy layout with lots to look at on it.


For the first time at the AMRE lego exhibited. The group was called “Southern Bricks”. I was impressed by this station done in Lego.


The South Australian Railway Modeller’s Association always impress. This year was no different with their large HO scale layout “Strathburn” Here we see the stonie headed by a 930 while another 930 class Alco is at the platform with a train of Centenary cars.


N scale: One of the ships on Triple T.


Another layout that I particularly liked was the OO scale “Eyarth” exhibited by the British Railway Modellers Australia.








A beautiful little layout was Gavin Thrum’s OO scale “Lampwick Lane” This layout was an L shaped layout going about six feet on each leg of the L.

Also I did take some video.


Please do not forget the NMRA convention

A4 Poster Convention blue background


Above convention website.

Cheers Ken.

April 2017

For Monday April 10 2017 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thanks to all those who came along to Monday’s operating session.

Once again other things got in the way of doing any actual modelling during the last month.

For the second month running we had a full crew. Ray brought the projector that Division six of the NMRA has recently purchased to try it out. So before the session started we watched a couple of my videos. A short video of another NMRA members layout as well as a fifteen minute video of the March session on the K&EFR.
See You-Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeCAnITlivw
So the session started half an hour late with road crew one being Sol and Ray, road crew two David and John P, Kanunda Yard master Rod, Hostler Peter S, and myself controller. The layout ran well and I was impressed with the smooth steady way that operators ran their trains.
All of the timetabled trains ran on time until the up Mt Gambier goods the last train of the night which was ten minutes late departing Foster. This often happens when the livestock train or the grain extra pick up their loaded vehicles. What happens is that when the livestock train reaches Wooldowie train control has to hold it there because the down roadside goods has just arrived at Emu Flat. If the Roadside goods has a lot of work at Emu Flat this delay can have a knock on effect that delays all trains still to come on to the layout.
David pointed out the dangerous way that the cars were blocked at Foster for the up Roadside goods. The shunter at Foster had coupled the explosive van next to a petrol tanker. Later the down Myrtle Springs goods left Wooldowie with two petrol tankers one coupled next to the loco and the other next to the brake van. If we had not started the half an hour late and time was getting on, as train control, I would have instructed the crews to re marshal those two trains.
At the end of the session all cars and cards were in their correct spots except for the empty stone hoppers at Penstone quarry.


Train 310 the Up roadside goods, with 949 B end forward, is crossing bridge number one over Five mile creek and is almost at Emu Flat. In the background Penstone quarry can be seen with a rake of empty hoppers set out in the wrong road. Not under the loading hoppers. The brown car on the roadside goods is the explosives van coupled next to the Golden fleece tank car.

847 also B end forward is at Jimba Jimba Junction about to enter the branch line to Myrtle Springs goods with train number 403 the down Myrtle Springs goods. As can be seen there is a tank car coupled against the engine and brake van.

A fisherman looks up and snaps a photo of BL29 and 940 as they rumble over the truss bridge over Bindieye Creek with 314 the up Mt Gambier goods.314, running ten minutes late, is about to arrive at Kanunda where it will pick up a cut of cars to take on to Mile End freight yard via Cooper.

Feb 1985

February 1985 and a Bluebird railcar is near Mt Lofty railway station. The OBF wagon, minus wheels, on the ground next to the tracks is the result of a derailment a few days earlier.

Once again we enjoyed a very good operating session.

Happy Easter

Cheers Ken.

March 2017


For Monday March 13 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thank you to those who came to Monday night’s operating session.

This month I have done no work on the layout or any models. Some may have noticed a cattle truck at Wooldowie that belongs to Liam my four year old grandson who visited last Thursday and came in showing his new farm truck which he decided to leave it here and take two ambulances home from our toy box in exchange. I have always allowed the grandsons to play on the layout.
C501 kept on stalling last season. I cleaned it’s wheels and that seems to have remedied that problem.

Liam’s “farm truck” unloading Hereford cattle at Wooldowie. The down roadside goods is heading down grade toward High Mountain tunnel before arriving at Wooldowie.
This session we had six operators plus myself in attendance. John H volunteered to be the Kanunda yard master, Rod volunteered to be the hostler. Road crew one was Sol and visitor Paul while road crew two was David and John P. I took on the job of controller.
With seven people operating the K&EFR we had a busy evening especially myself, the controller.
The first few trains ran without drama. Then the SA Cooperative bulk handling staff at Maranalgo silos complained that they only received two AHGX grain hoppers instead of the three that had been ordered. The crew of the grain extra had left three hoppers at Kanunda instead of two. To get the third hopper to Maranalgo the Kanunda YM added the extra hopper left there to the Maranalgo goods due to arrive at Maranalgo about an hour later. This meant that the Maranalgo goods consisted of four cars and the brake van. The loop at Maranalgo will only hold three goods wagons and a brake van. Resulting in quite a bit of head scratching by the Maranalgo goods’ crew and some interesting moves. Video of this next month.
As an aside to this little drama is that I had put the way bills from cattle cars in the AHGX grain hopper car cards. This told the crew to set out the hoppers at the stock pens. The crew were aware of my mistake and knew to set out the hoppers at the Silos at Kanunda and Maranalgo.
I had pulled another clanger during restaging. Some how I managed to place the same time table in the packets of cards for the Melbourne Jet and the Adelaide super freighter. The same crew ran both trains. They departed Cooper on time at 0903 with the Melbourne Jet arriving at Foster 0917. Then they picked up the next packet of cards only to find the time table said that they were to depart Cooper 0903 with the Melbourne Jet. Luckily because they were on time so I had time to get the correct time table to them so that they were able to depart Foster with the Adelaide super freighter at 0931. So we managed to run all time tabled trains on time for the session just by the skin of our teeth.
Rod and John H handled their respective yards with out problems resulting in a smooth running session.
All cars and cards finished in their correct spots.
The turn out at Jimba Jimba Jn was renamed David’s switch after he forgot to reset it while serving as guard on the down Myrtle Springs goods. This resulted in a short when the next train the Steam Tour ran David’s switch.
The only other problem encountered was that the second turnout at Penstone quarry would not throw electrically.
By the the time it came to sit down for tea coffee and muffins we had enjoyed a good session.

858 arriving at Maranalgo on the Grain extra with only two AHGX grain hoppers instead of the three that were ordered.


At 0914 the Melbourne Jet being hauled by S301 and G511 passes through Emu Flat.

949 with the down roadside goods passing over Bindieye Creek bridge after shunting at Kanunda and on it’s way to Wooldowie.

704 and 940 on the Adelaide Jet pass the down roadside goods at Wooldowie.

Action during the session. The up roadside goods in the foreground is shunting at Emu Flat. While the crew of the down Myrtle Springs goods confer with the Kanunda YM prior to departing from Kanunda.


Oct 1984

At Mt Lofty October 1984.

All comments and criticisms welcome.
Cheers Ken.

Don’t forget the NMRA convention in Adelaide September.

A4 Poster Convention blue background

February 2017


For Monday February 13 2017 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thank you to those who came to the session held on the 13th.

I have had a lot on my plate recently hence apologies for the late report for this session.

The only thing to report this month is the purchase of a second hand grey Lima ELX open wagon. I did spend about six hours making a video clip for You-tube.

In the staging yard the grey ELX wagon coupled behind a green AOBX in the up through freights. It has replaced a VR ELX in this train giving a spare wagon to rotate through the stopping goods trains session by session.
The session started late with myself and three other operators present, Rod was Kanunda yard master, Sol and John P road crews and myself hostler.
The layout ran well except for C501 which cut out a few times on the up Mt Gambier goods. It seemed like the Digitrax sound decoder in Austrains C501 was overheating. The down Emu Flat passenger ran eleven minutes early but all other time tabled trains ran on time. As usual all wagons shunted were put in their correct spots.
At supper we enjoyed eating David’s share of the ginger cake.


In the foreground John P is shunting Emu Flat with the up roadside goods. Behind John Rod continues to shunt the yard at Kanunda while in the distance Sol is shunting Wooldowie with the down Myrtle Springs goods.


As the tank train passes through Kanunda the up roadside goods’ engine 949 a 930 class Alco picks up a cut of cars heading toward Adelaide.


A short while later the Kanunda shunt engine English Electric 500 class 503 is taking off the brake van off the up Mt Gambier goods ready to couple four wagons on to the rear of the up Mt Gambier goods
The you-tube video I produced

Any comments and criticisms welcome.

Cheers Ken

January 2017


For Monday 9-1-17 on the Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway

Thank you to those who came along for the operating session.

This was the first operating session for 2017. Hopefully we will have a good year in 2017. Certainly it will be a busy one because I have entered the K&EFR in for the NMRA convention to be held in Adelaide on September 16 & 17 2017. The K&EFR will be open for the layout tours and as well I will be hosting an operating session for visitors on either the Friday before or the Monday after the convention for any one attending the convention. I have volunteered to be convention operating session coordinator. So far we have Sol’s Devan and Summerset Railway and Ray’s Wild Creek RR offering operating sessions as well as the K&EFR. I am told that this could be sufficient so my task as coordinator should not be too onerous. Details and updates for the NMRA convention can be found on http://www.nmra.org.au


Last November I bought a Strath Hobbies OW wagon kit from End of the line Hobbies. So far I have cleaned all the flash from the resin components, see above.


Also on my workbench I have this pickle factory which club president Jeff bought on the second hand table at last year’s exhibition. I am going to clean it up and make it presentable for the Adelaide Model Railroaders layout.

Beside myself three operators arrived. Peter and David took the two positions as road crew, Rod was yard master at Kanunda and I was hostler. As has been the case recently the layout ran very smoothly with all locomotives performing well. The only problems were a low coupler on one of the AHGX wheat hoppers and S301 would not negotiate Sandiman Switch. There is a small kink in the track there that is very hard to fix. Derailments there are only occasional by touchy locomotives of which S301 is. We used a five finger turn and ran the S in reverse to negotiate the turn out at Sandiman Switch. The result of all of this was that the Adelaide Jet even though it arrived at Foster on time it was slightly late arriving at Cooper but still with plenty of distance to make up the time and arrive in Adelaide on time. This was the only timetable train to run behind time.
All cars and car cards finished in there correct positions even though the down roadside goods arrived at Foster with two cars for Cooper (Adelaide). These two empty cars had been picked up at Emu Flat and hauled to Foster where they are put into the up roadside goods to be sent to Cooper. So extra fuel had to be used hauling two empty cars from Emu Flat to Foster and back unnecesarily.

Mustard pot 704 and V-line G511 round Big Bend with the Melbourne Jet. The first two cars on the Jet are VNFX canvassed covered flat cars carrying Jarrah from Western Australia to Melbourne.

961 and 942 are seen departing Kanunda over Bidieye creek with the the down grain extra. In the background Athol Freezers and Laucke Mills can be seen. The cattle pen in the foreground is in Wooldowie.


Next stop for the down grain extra is Wooldowie where four more of the empty hoppers will be set out. The AHGX hoppers are near enough models converted from cheap Powerline Canadian grain hoppers that were available some years ago. The grain extra had to wait quite some time after setting out before it could move on to Emu Flat because the because the down roadside goods had Emu Flat tied up.


While on duty as hostler I looked over to the MPC at one stage and noticed that it was the home to Victorian power exclusively. On number one road are V-line X49 and S310, number two road V-line C507 and number three road VR S301 and C501


847 travelling B end forward returns to Myrtle Springs (staging) with the down Myrtle Springs goods. The buildings here disguise the ugly hole in the back drop that the track goes through here.

The MPD at Kanunda at the end of the session houses 840 that ran the Maranalgo goods, 603 that ran the transfer goods and yard shunter 503. There are two “lemon twister” brake vans in the brake van track and two open wagons in the repair in place track. The cross over in the foreground takes the mainline into the passing siding at Kanunda.

And so we all enjoyed a smooth operating session which had very few problems and was near on perfect. then we had our tea or coffee and cake to top the night off.

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Cheers Ken.

From November when we were down at Victor Harbor we rode the cockle train.


RX 207 at Goolwa

December 2016


For Monday 12-12-16
on the Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway


Thanks to those who came to Monday night’s operating session. This session was the tenth operating session held during 2016. I hope that all who attended enjoyed the sessions.


The shearing shed at Emu Flat now has a dirt road to it and the shearers have now shorn a few bales of worth of wool.


Since last session I purchased a second hand M van, a well put together BGB model, from Oz Models for $25. It was decalled for the SAR so I repainted it and decalled it for AN. Seen here it is the first car on the down Myrtle Springs goods at Myrtle Springs ( Staging, Myrtle Springs is not modelled.)

We had five operators at the December session road crew 1 was John P and Peter S, road crew 2 Rod, Kanunda YM Sol, Hostler David and Controller myself.
Trains ran extremely well during this session any problem that occurred was strictly operator error and there was not too many of those. So during this session stress levels remained quite low. All timetabled trains ran near enough on time all departing on the advertised time with operator error causing one or two to arrive one or two minutes late. To me any train running within five minutes of the advertised time table time is near enough and all Monday night’s trains ran well within the five minute limit.
All cars and cards finished in their correct spots. If I wanted to be picky the open wagon of boxes left at Con’s Choice packing shed was left in the incorrect spot. It should have been left just outside of the shed where the market gardeners boxes can be stacked up outside the shed while the two reefers need to be up against the loading platform. This will be more obvious once I replace the temporary shed at Con’s with the permanent one some time in the future.
The towns people at Wooldowie have again decorated the town Christmas tree. A Christmas tradition at Wooldowie. How many noticed the tree?


The Chrismas tree at the end of the High St. Wooldowie.
Once again Tom was on hand to be the official Railway photographer the following are his photos take during the session.

In this photo Tom caught the controller ,red cap, looking on while road crew one shunt Wooldowie with 402 the up Myrtle Springs goods and the Kanunda yard master is beavering away in the foreground.


846, a small Alco stops at Wooldowie with the 120 the Up Emu Flat passenger while the up Myrtle Springs goods waits in the passing siding. 846 is an old Powerline model with extra pick ups added.


English electric 500 class 503 the Kanunda shunt engine picks up a couple of AHGX grain hoppers. While 603 waits in the Kanunda yard with the transfer goods. 503 is a converted Athearn SW1200 and is fitted with a Micro Mark can motor. 603 is an AR kits model

Train control had 949 on 309 the down roadside goods wait at Wooldowie for an extended time while 321 the livestock train passed through to Emu Flat to pick up loaded cattle wagons then return back to Wooldowie to pick up more cattle for the Abattoir at Dry Creek.


A Red hen rail car approaching Mt Lofty from Aldgate in the early eighties.

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Merry Christmas Ken.

November 2016


Thank you to those who came to last night’s operating session.

This month I erected the rest of the yards around the shearing shed and put some steps, which unfortunately can not be seen, up to the landing on the shearing shed. All I plan to do on the shed now is to weather the fences by dry brushing with grey paint plus a little detailing, finishing a road to it and to green up the grass around it. Photo below.

Below twelve year old grandson Tom has lent me this building off his layout which he has repurposed as a wrestling arena. He has placed patrons waiting to go in at the front of the building which is sited on a vacant block in Wooldowie. Tom is a fan of WWE wrestling.

Below a panoramic photo of the K&EFR

Because of numerous interruptions, preparation for this operating session was hastily done. I did not clean a single wheel and cleaned the track only the once, yesterday morning. I only test ran a few trains and Tom ran his Austrains NR. Despite this trains ran very smoothly throughout this session. I put this good result down to the fact that I have resumed dabbing wahl oil on several spots around the track.
As well as myself five operators turned up. John P and Sol were road crew one, David road crew two, Rod Kanunda Yard master, John H hostler and myself Controller. With smooth running trains the session ran smoothly. All cars and cards finished in their correct spots. Every timetabled train ran pretty well to time.
The Adelaide Jet left Foster three minutes late due to a short but made up time arriving at Cooper right on time. The Melbourne Jet left Cooper on time but arrived at Foster one minute before it was due to depart Emu Flat. This is not right. Trains should not depart earlier that the advertised time. It is OK to depart late but not Ok to depart early. Times on the timetables are there to keep trains apart.
At Kanunda a problem arose when it was discovered that 503 had the spring was missing from it’s front coupler. I was able to replace the spring quickly.
Eagle eye Sol discovered that I had forgotten to turn the cards for the stonie.
So we all had an enjoyable operating session.

Tom acted as official photographer. In this photo he has captured C501 in staging at the head of the Adelaide Jet. It is surprising to see the amount of dust C501 has collected.


705 and 938 arrive at Emu Flat with a string of empty hoppers. They will run around the hoppers to push them under the loader at Penstone quarry.


Here Tom captures 949 shunting the down roadside goods at Wooldowie.


Two 930s and a BL approach the platform at Mt Lofty.

Any comment or criticism welcome.

Regards Ken.