November 2015


For Monday November 16 2015 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thanks to all who attended Monday’s operating session.


Since the last operating session I have managed to get a little work done. Firstly I have put a new pickup on the front (powered) bogie of 846 a Powerline 830 class. The new pickup is on the idler wheel between the two wheels which have traction tires on the right hand side of the bogie. I had previously put two pickups on the left hand side wheels on the rear (non powered bogie) so now it has seven pickups in stead of the original four. This seems to have improved the reliability of this engine but it is still not perfect probably due to the cheap little three pole motor that it has. 

P1010727 (1)

846 at Emu Flat with the down Emu Flat passenger train.

Also I have finally been able to do a tiny bit to the shearing shed that I started building in October 2014 I think. I have started to put the ramp for the sheep to be herded up into the shed on. 

P1010730 (1)

The ramp can be seen on the left hand side of the shed.


We had six operators. Road crew one was Ziggy and John H, road crew two Rod, Kanunda yard master Sol, Hostler Jeremy, and myself Controller. Mostly the layout ran well. The only exception was 847 which has a K&M mech and usually is a really nice loco to drive even though it is somewhat noisy. I think the problem may lie with my fiddling with the CVs on this loco. I’ll try resetting to factory defaults. Going on from last session the publican at the Railway Hotel Wooldowie was relieved that his supply of beer arrived at the goods shed at 0636 giving him plenty of time to connect the kegs up before opening time. The van containing the kegs of beer had been accidentally sent on to Myrtle Springs last session. During this session all time tabled trains ran exactly to time. In fact the session ran so well that we were well ahead of ourselves toward the end. So train control issued a run early order to the Up Mt Gambier goods so that crews did not have to wait around for 40 fast minutes, ten actual minutes, to run the last train. 


Getting toward the end of the session. The down Myrtle Springs goods is being shunted at Wooldowie, the up Roadside goods is shunting at Emu Flat and the YM at Kanunda is sitting back waiting for his next train the up Roadside goods. 


949, B end leading, on the up Roadside goods crosses the Myrtle Springs goods with 847 shunting Wooldowie

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Regards Ken.

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