January 2016


For Monday 18-1-16 On the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks to those who came to Monday’s operating session.


What with Christmas and going away on holidays I barely had time to re-stage the layout after December’s operating session. However I did send an order off to Auscision Models for a green 830 class loco on December 22 but have not received a receipt from them to date.


Because Margaret and I were away in Victoria for the second Monday January’s session was held back until the third Monday of January.

We had four operators for this session. Road crew one was David, road crew two Rod, Kanunda yard master John H and myself as hostler, in charge of the active staging yard.

The session went well and was enjoyed by all present. Trains ran well even 847 which died last session. Even 846 did not need much coaxing to get going. 


846 stopping at Wooldowie with the Up Emu Flat passenger train while the Up Myrtle Springs goods is being shunted there by 847.

David got caught at Wooldowie. A new business has started up in Foster, the Pallet and Box company which ships pallets, boxes and bins to on line customers. So there was an empty open wagon in Con’s siding to be returned to the Pallet and box co in Foster. I think that having a few more cars moving back and forth on the layout helps to give a little more variation and interest to the operating sessions. He forgot that he should pick up Cooper loading which he would leave at Kanunda for the Yard master there to send on on a train going through Cooper. Cooper is the area in staging that represents all places in the Adelaide metropolitan area. So David spent a longer than usual time shunting Wooldowie.

Even though 402 the up Myrtle Springs goods is run as an extra and not to time table the result was that the a few trains later when a couple of time tabled trains were due they were late departing staging. S301 and G511 left Cooper about thirty minutes late with 201 the Melbourne Jet while C501 and 940 left Foster ten minutes late with the Adelaide super freighter. These trains later met at Emu Flat creating a photo opportunity at Emu Flat because these train normally cross at Kaniva over the Victorian border well past Foster so local rail fans seldom get to see these two long through freights cross.

P1020070 (1)

 S301 and G511 with 201 the Melbourne Jet wait on the passing siding at Emu Flat while 206 the Adelaide Super freighter passes by on the main.

Later in the session the Kanunda Yard master in his wisdom sent the transfer goods out with 900HP 840 instead of 1800HP 603. This is fine when departing from Kanunda which is the highest point on the line so trains run downgrade in either direction. 840 is a Powerline 830 class which only has two driving axles. On returning to Kanunda with six cars and a brake van 840’s wheels began to slip and finally stalled half way up GD bank on it’s way to Kanunda with 343 the Mile End to Kanunda transfer. The Kanunda yard master had to dispatch 603 to act as a head end helper to get 343 up the grade and into Kanunda yard.


 Alco 603 helps small Alco 840 up GD bank with 343 the Mile to Kanunda transfer goods.

Following these few delays trains gradually got back on time with the last two time tabled trains, the Steam Tour and 314 the up Mt Gambier goods, running on time thus filling out the session just nicely.

When the workers at Laucke Mills at Kanunda opened up VLCX 101 expecting an empty van to load with bags of flour they found it to be loaded with cartons of beer. Fortunately they were honest and upon phoning the Station Master they found that VLCX 101 was to be sent to the goods shed at Wooldowie where the publican from the Railway Hotel was to collect his beer also in a VLCX van. This is not the first time beer for the Railway Hotel has gone astray so the Station master arranged for two overnight through freights to deliver VLCX 101 and VLCX 197 to their correct stations. I do not know which train was responsible for this error. All other cars were spotted correctly.

So ended a good session.

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Regards Ken.