March 2016


For Monday March 14
on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thanks to those who came to Monday’s operating session.

The shearing shed now has guttering and a ramp to heard the wooly sheep up into the shed. Also all the timber work around the shed has been painted. The windows and frames have to be made and the shed painted then thedifficult part, making the sheep yards needs to be done.

949 shoves open wagon AKCX30Y into the Emu Flat goods loop, more about that later, in front of the shearing shed.

For this session we welcomed visitor Peter W as a spectator. The crew for the night was road crew one Rod, road crew two David, Kanunda Yard Master Sol, and myself hostler.
C501 came to a sudden halt in Kanunda yard while shunting wagons off the down Mt Gambier goods. We think that the point motor wire was extending a little to high through the throw bar of a turnout and the fuel tank on C501 had dropped slightly causing it get caught on the point motor wire. All the attention to C501 caused it and G511 and the first wagon to be derailed blocking the main line causing the up Overland to arrive at Cooper ten minutes late.
Sandman Switch was once again the cause of drama when the down Overland ran down the Maranalgo branch and had to be backed out. The funny thing was that the same crew man had just run the Maranalgo goods and had forgotten to reset Sandman switch. This caused the down Overland to run late as well. All the other time tabled trains ran on time with the Melbourne Jet reaching Foster one minute early.

704 and G511 lead the on time Melbourne Jet round big bend near Penstone Quarry.
Quick thinking by the crew of the Adelaide Jet avoided disaster when the Train Master ,me, forgot to set the correct staging track for the Adelaide Jet to return to by pulling the train up to a quick stop narrowly avoiding running into another train in staging.
Other than those three incidents all trains ran smoothly.

847, B end first, departing Kanunda with the down Myrtle Springs goods.

Who put those wheat hoppers in the way? Was the call of the up roadside goods crew as they arrived in Emu Flat.

The only car not quite in place was open wagon AKCX30Y which was left in front of the Emu Flat goods shed instead of next to the crane so that heavy box could be unloaded.

So ended another enjoyable operating session.


real thing 1

A train passing through Mt Lofty station in the early 1980s.

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Regards Ken.