July 2016


For Monday July 11 2016
on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thanks to those who came to last nights operating session.

Some progress has been made. Firstly Terry a fellow Adelaide Model Railroaders member gave me a SAR Long Tom brake van which will help to make the steam tour train look more authentic. Terry built it many years ago when he was a member of the SA Railway Modellers Association as one of their projects. I have made a jig for making the gates for the counting out pens for the shearing shed and have started making the first gate. Also I made two tunnel portals for the AMR’s layout.

The SAR Long Tom at Wooldowie.
Four operators arrived keen to make a start. Rod took the Hostler job, David was appointed Kanunda Yard Master, Sol and Peter S were the road crews leaving me as controller.
We got way to a slow start because the Mt Gambier goods throttle came up with three dashes – – – and would not work. The fast clock was reset and the session was restarted. But trains did not run for long though before the throttles stopped working again this time every throttle displayed – – – . Switching off the Lenz system seemed to reset sometimes. Other times we unplugged all four throttles. Also some locos were running erratically. There seemed to be a problem with the cab bus because when I disconnected the cab bus from the master unit and plugged a throttle into the master unit the throttle worked with no problems. We continued to get – – – on the throttle readouts every five to ten minutes, frustrating to say the least. Normally we finish the session soon after 2145 but last night, because all of the stops, we had we had only got to train twelve, out of nineteen, and we were having trouble restarting the system by 2140, so we called an early end to the session. A bit disappointing.

Taken before the session, when all was running fine, S301 and G511 lead the down Mt Gambier goods into Wooldowie.


609, a Mehano pacific, leaves Jimba Jimba Jn with the steam special. Also taken before hand. We did not get to run this train.

This morning (Tuesday) I tried to find out what our problems were last night. On switching the system on all appeared OK. So then I tried plugging and unplugging the throttles. When I plugged into the left hand DIN socket at Wooldowie I got the dreaded – – -. Then I found that I had not pushed the DIN plug in fully. Then I ran 858 and 510 backwards and forwards in Kanunda plugging in and out often. I went round the layout plugging all four throttles in and out of all DIN sockets. I set a through freight running with C501 while I shunted the roadside goods at Emu Flat and Foster then returned to Emu Flat. I also made up the down transfer goods (Mile End to Kanunda) and drove it to Kanunda. During all that time, about an hour and a half, I had no problems. I’ll keep trying to find out what caused our problems last night and let all know what results I come up with.


Taken after test running Tuesday morning. 858 idles at Kanunda as the Mile End – Kanunda transfer goods arrives trailing a brown 8300 class brake-van.


X52 at Mt Lofty Oct 1984.

Any comments or criticisms welcome.

Regards Ken.