October 2016



For Monday 10-10-16
on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thanks to those who came to Monday’s operating session.

This month I was able to get back to working on the scratch built shearing shed that I am constructing. I have put frames around the windows over the shearing stands and have started erecting the fences for the sheep pens around the shed.
I spent a lot of time trying to get the layout running properly. To do this I have reverted to using Wahl hair clipper oil on the tack. After cleaning the track by rubbing the track with a cork block on to which I have brushed methylated spirits I dab a little drop of Whal oil on the track at each end of every station with my finger. I stopped using Wahl oil because it damaged the rubber traction tyres on the two Powerline 830 class locos both of which run just as well without their tyres which are not that hard to replace if I wish to do so.

The shearing shed with it’s window frames and sheep pens.

Five operators turned up for October’s session. Peter S was road crew one, David road crew two, Rod Kanunda Yard master, John P hostler and myself controller.
After somewhat disappointing performance during the two previous operating sessions the layout performed well during this session. Even Powerline 846 running on the Emu Flat passenger did not falter.
Of the time tabled trains the first two, the up Overland and down Mt Gambier goods, ran on time but by 0903 the Melbourne Jet left five minutes late departing Cooper at 0908 it made up three minutes before reaching Foster at 0919 two minutes late. The next train the Adelaide super freighter left Foster on time at 0931. All the other time tabled trains ran late culminating with the up Mt Gambier goods, the last train of the session, running fifty one minutes late.
All cars and cards finished in their correct spots.

So this month we all enjoyed a smooth running operating session.


ANR Mustard Pot 704 and V-line G511 on the first train of the session, 313 the down Mt Gambier goods, sets out a cut of four cars at Kanunda. Kanunda is the only stop for this train on the layout and it only sets out there and does not pick up. Two of the cars set out are to be sent on to Maranalgo in 405 the down Maranalgo goods the other two are for industries at Kanunda. 704 is an Austrains model while G511 is a Powerline model which has had its mechanism removed to make it unpowered.

Small Alco 840, a Powerline model, on the Maranalgo goods is shunting at Maranalgo where it has picked up an open wagon of mallee roots from Sol’s firewood and an empty van from the goods shed. An empty open wagon has been set out at Sol’s firewood. 840 is moving forward to couple on to the ALGX van of merchandise to be set out at the goods shed. The small branch line terminus of Maranalgo can only handle train lengths of three cars and a brake van.

One of three trains to run on time, 202 the Adelaide super freighter, crosses the truss bridge over Bindieye Creek on the way between Wooldowie and Kanunda. The leading engine is V-Line EMD C507 with Australian National Alco 940 following. C507 is an Austrains model while 940 is an unpowered Lima model.



C507 at Mt Lofty in 1985

All comments and criticisms welcome.
Cheers Ken

I have posted a video of the September session on You-Tube.