December 2016


For Monday 12-12-16
on the Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway


Thanks to those who came to Monday night’s operating session. This session was the tenth operating session held during 2016. I hope that all who attended enjoyed the sessions.


The shearing shed at Emu Flat now has a dirt road to it and the shearers have now shorn a few bales of worth of wool.


Since last session I purchased a second hand M van, a well put together BGB model, from Oz Models for $25. It was decalled for the SAR so I repainted it and decalled it for AN. Seen here it is the first car on the down Myrtle Springs goods at Myrtle Springs ( Staging, Myrtle Springs is not modelled.)

We had five operators at the December session road crew 1 was John P and Peter S, road crew 2 Rod, Kanunda YM Sol, Hostler David and Controller myself.
Trains ran extremely well during this session any problem that occurred was strictly operator error and there was not too many of those. So during this session stress levels remained quite low. All timetabled trains ran near enough on time all departing on the advertised time with operator error causing one or two to arrive one or two minutes late. To me any train running within five minutes of the advertised time table time is near enough and all Monday night’s trains ran well within the five minute limit.
All cars and cards finished in their correct spots. If I wanted to be picky the open wagon of boxes left at Con’s Choice packing shed was left in the incorrect spot. It should have been left just outside of the shed where the market gardeners boxes can be stacked up outside the shed while the two reefers need to be up against the loading platform. This will be more obvious once I replace the temporary shed at Con’s with the permanent one some time in the future.
The towns people at Wooldowie have again decorated the town Christmas tree. A Christmas tradition at Wooldowie. How many noticed the tree?


The Chrismas tree at the end of the High St. Wooldowie.
Once again Tom was on hand to be the official Railway photographer the following are his photos take during the session.

In this photo Tom caught the controller ,red cap, looking on while road crew one shunt Wooldowie with 402 the up Myrtle Springs goods and the Kanunda yard master is beavering away in the foreground.


846, a small Alco stops at Wooldowie with the 120 the Up Emu Flat passenger while the up Myrtle Springs goods waits in the passing siding. 846 is an old Powerline model with extra pick ups added.


English electric 500 class 503 the Kanunda shunt engine picks up a couple of AHGX grain hoppers. While 603 waits in the Kanunda yard with the transfer goods. 503 is a converted Athearn SW1200 and is fitted with a Micro Mark can motor. 603 is an AR kits model

Train control had 949 on 309 the down roadside goods wait at Wooldowie for an extended time while 321 the livestock train passed through to Emu Flat to pick up loaded cattle wagons then return back to Wooldowie to pick up more cattle for the Abattoir at Dry Creek.


A Red hen rail car approaching Mt Lofty from Aldgate in the early eighties.

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Merry Christmas Ken.