February 2017


For Monday February 13 2017 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thank you to those who came to the session held on the 13th.

I have had a lot on my plate recently hence apologies for the late report for this session.

The only thing to report this month is the purchase of a second hand grey Lima ELX open wagon. I did spend about six hours making a video clip for You-tube.

In the staging yard the grey ELX wagon coupled behind a green AOBX in the up through freights. It has replaced a VR ELX in this train giving a spare wagon to rotate through the stopping goods trains session by session.
The session started late with myself and three other operators present, Rod was Kanunda yard master, Sol and John P road crews and myself hostler.
The layout ran well except for C501 which cut out a few times on the up Mt Gambier goods. It seemed like the Digitrax sound decoder in Austrains C501 was overheating. The down Emu Flat passenger ran eleven minutes early but all other time tabled trains ran on time. As usual all wagons shunted were put in their correct spots.
At supper we enjoyed eating David’s share of the ginger cake.


In the foreground John P is shunting Emu Flat with the up roadside goods. Behind John Rod continues to shunt the yard at Kanunda while in the distance Sol is shunting Wooldowie with the down Myrtle Springs goods.


As the tank train passes through Kanunda the up roadside goods’ engine 949 a 930 class Alco picks up a cut of cars heading toward Adelaide.


A short while later the Kanunda shunt engine English Electric 500 class 503 is taking off the brake van off the up Mt Gambier goods ready to couple four wagons on to the rear of the up Mt Gambier goods
The you-tube video I produced

Any comments and criticisms welcome.

Cheers Ken