April 2017

For Monday April 10 2017 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thanks to all those who came along to Monday’s operating session.

Once again other things got in the way of doing any actual modelling during the last month.

For the second month running we had a full crew. Ray brought the projector that Division six of the NMRA has recently purchased to try it out. So before the session started we watched a couple of my videos. A short video of another NMRA members layout as well as a fifteen minute video of the March session on the K&EFR.
See You-Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeCAnITlivw
So the session started half an hour late with road crew one being Sol and Ray, road crew two David and John P, Kanunda Yard master Rod, Hostler Peter S, and myself controller. The layout ran well and I was impressed with the smooth steady way that operators ran their trains.
All of the timetabled trains ran on time until the up Mt Gambier goods the last train of the night which was ten minutes late departing Foster. This often happens when the livestock train or the grain extra pick up their loaded vehicles. What happens is that when the livestock train reaches Wooldowie train control has to hold it there because the down roadside goods has just arrived at Emu Flat. If the Roadside goods has a lot of work at Emu Flat this delay can have a knock on effect that delays all trains still to come on to the layout.
David pointed out the dangerous way that the cars were blocked at Foster for the up Roadside goods. The shunter at Foster had coupled the explosive van next to a petrol tanker. Later the down Myrtle Springs goods left Wooldowie with two petrol tankers one coupled next to the loco and the other next to the brake van. If we had not started the half an hour late and time was getting on, as train control, I would have instructed the crews to re marshal those two trains.
At the end of the session all cars and cards were in their correct spots except for the empty stone hoppers at Penstone quarry.


Train 310 the Up roadside goods, with 949 B end forward, is crossing bridge number one over Five mile creek and is almost at Emu Flat. In the background Penstone quarry can be seen with a rake of empty hoppers set out in the wrong road. Not under the loading hoppers. The brown car on the roadside goods is the explosives van coupled next to the Golden fleece tank car.

847 also B end forward is at Jimba Jimba Junction about to enter the branch line to Myrtle Springs goods with train number 403 the down Myrtle Springs goods. As can be seen there is a tank car coupled against the engine and brake van.

A fisherman looks up and snaps a photo of BL29 and 940 as they rumble over the truss bridge over Bindieye Creek with 314 the up Mt Gambier goods.314, running ten minutes late, is about to arrive at Kanunda where it will pick up a cut of cars to take on to Mile End freight yard via Cooper.

Feb 1985

February 1985 and a Bluebird railcar is near Mt Lofty railway station. The OBF wagon, minus wheels, on the ground next to the tracks is the result of a derailment a few days earlier.

Once again we enjoyed a very good operating session.

Happy Easter

Cheers Ken.