July 2017


For Tuesday July 18 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thank you to all of those who attended. Sorry I have had to change operating session nights to Tuesdays because our baby sitting day has changed to Mondays and because my daughter is quite late in picking the grandson up after she has finished work. Mondays are no longer suitable.


I bought a Holden Monaro from OZ models to place by the shearing shed. When I was a woolclasser working in similar sheds I drove a Monaro. It was cream not green in colour but this is near enough to me being there.


I have started to give Con’s Choice at Wooldowie a new fruit packing shed. I have always felt that the temporary shed I had there was too small.

After two months off and despite the change of night and the dreadful weather we had an excellent turn out with six operators and my self. Rod volunteered to be hostler, Sol Kanunda YM, Peter S and John H road crew 1, David and John P road crew 2, and myself train control.
The layout ran well. I think that about the only hiccup was when AR kits 603 stalled on the curved crossover coming into Kanunda. Some operators are still sometimes unsure which direction is up and which direction is down. Up is toward Cooper (and Adelaide think Coopers Ale) and down is toward Foster (and Melbourne think Fosters larger) Also the track diagram on the facia at each town is marked, for instance at Kanunda on the red line going toward the roller door it says “To Cooper Up” and on the red line at the other end of Kanunda it says “To Wooldowie Down”. All stations have similar notations.
All the time tabled trains ran on time and in fact we had to let the last train the Up Mt Gambier goods run early so that crews were not standing round twiddling their thumbs.
There was two incidents worth mentioning. The first one was when the Melbourne Jet started hurtling down the Maranalgo branch via John’s Switch. This time it was John H driving and John P who did not realign the turnout at Sandman Switch when going to Maranalgo with the Live stock train. So tables were turned. The Adelaide Jet came to a sudden halt at the up end of Emu Flat because the same crew forgot to realign the turnout there when departing Emu Flat with the roadside goods. The moral of the story is to realign mainline turnouts to the orange dots after passing through on the passing siding or after shunting.
Set outs: All fine except that the Kanunda YM put A,N.’s tanker of loco fuel in at King Petroleum instead of at the overhead tank at the MPD.
In the end we all had an enjoyable session.

Alcos 705 & 938 departing Kanunda with the empty Stonie. Small Alco 858 can be seen in the passing siding after having seen out two CS cattle wagons. We can see the cattle pens, wheat silos, Athol Freezers and Lauke Mills in this photo.


P1050300858 arriving at Maranalgo with the livestock train.

The Melbourne Jet seen here passing through Wooldowie with Alco 704 and V-Line EMD G511 has just extracted itself from the Maranalgo branch line

949 is going about it’s work shunting the up roadside goods at Emu Flat

P1050305The 8300 class brake van is standing in the passing siding at Emu Flat with a couple of wagons while shunting continues.

P1050306B end forward 949 departs from the passing siding with the up roadside goods at Emu Flat.


830sAn OW wagon 870 and 869 at Dry Creek North yard in April 1985


Some of us also help operate the Ippinitchie Creek & Unicorn timber & mining company: see link

All comments and criticisms welcome.
Cheers Ken.

P.S. For those interested in the Adelaide NMRA convention Sept 16 & 17
there are more details of layout tours and ladies program on the website