January 2018


For Tuesday January 9 2018 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat railway.

Thanks to all who came to this operating session.

I did not get round to doing much over Christmas and new year. However Con’s Choice now has had ridge capping on it’s roof and down pipes have been fitted to the gutter on the side away from the railways track. If it were not for writing this report I may have not even done that. The Mail train helps motivate me.

Con’s Choice packing shed at Wooldowie at the start of the session. Two RX reefers of fruit to be picked up one heading to Athol Freezers at Kanunda the other for SA Cold stores at Mile End. The open wagon had a load of boxes and pallets to be unloaded.

We had six operators for this session, the first for 2018. The session went very well. Road crew one was Peter S and John P, road crew two Sol, Kanunda Yard Master Rod, Hostler David and myself as controller. Trains started on time at 0606, session time, when the train 313 down Mt Gambier goods started proceedings followed by the up Overland departing Foster at 0608. Apart from the Emu Flat passenger the next timetabled train due was 201 the Melbourne Jet departing Cooper at 0903 but actually left at 0907 from then on all timetabled trains ran on time. Because the session went smoothly the last train 314 the up Mt Gambier goods was given an order to run twenty fast minutes early.
All cars finished in their correct spots except for one tank car, more of that later. Fortunately the Station Master at Wooldowie noticed that the crew of the up Myrtle Springs goods had placed a reefer outside of Con’s Choice where it could not have been loaded. He then had to get the crew to rearrange the cars at Con’s so that the reefer was was placed where it could be loaded and the open wagon outside where the unloading pallets could continue.
There was nearly a head on at Emu Flat. The Adelaide Jet’s driver was just able to stop time to avoid running into to loco 949, off the down roadside goods, that was running round it’s train at the time. Even though both trains had train orders advising of the meet the crew of the roadside goods did not know exactly when the Jet would arrive at Emu Flat and because it arrives from out of site round a bend they did not see it coming. So a discussion about improved communications eschewed. To this end it was decided that all road crews should clearly announce their intending arrival to the YM at Kanunda, the Hostler at staging and as well other road crews working at stations ahead of them. Also the controller should include times of arrival in train orders. Rules to that effect will be put in the K&EFR general rules.

BL29 and 940 head the Adelaide super freighter over the truss bridge over Bindieye Creek as it heads toward Kanunda.

P1020351830 class Alco 847 is about to couple on to 402 the up Myrtle Springs goods at Wooldowie after correctly setting out the open wagon and reefer at Con’s Choice packing shed.

930 class Alcos 961 and 942 arrive at Wooldowie with the empty grain extra. Four AHGX hoppers will be set out here and the other four will go to Emu Flat. Con’s Choice can just be seen at the far left just behind the grain extra’s brake van.

P1020355858 has taken the ALGX van from the Maranalgo goods shed and placed it temporarily on the passing loop. it will be replaced at the goods shed after the empty cattle wagons have been placed beside the stock pens. At Maranalgo the shunting lead will only accomodate a loco and one wagon so wagons have to be moved one at a time. The trains brake van is sitting in front of the station building and once the two cattle wagons have been set out the train will return to Cooper as an engine and van movement.

A busy scene at Kanunda. 603 has just brought the transfer goods in from Mile End. Shunt engine 503 has taken the 8300 class brake van off the transfer goods and placed it on the start of 403 the down Myrtle Springs goods. There will be more wagons on the transfer goods for 403, who’s engine 847, can just be seen at the bottom of this photo.


Last train of the session. 314 the up Mt Gambier goods arrives at Cooper with C507 and 940 leading. Note the tank car placed next to an engine against the K&EFR general rules. As mentioned earlier this was the only incorrectly placed car of the session. Never the less the Kanunda Yard Master should receive a bung for this blunder.

Thanks again to all for a great session. I think the thing we learned from this session is the value of good communication.
Lets hope that this is the start of many successful operating sessions during 2018. Also I hope that I can progress with more work on the layout. Finish Con’s Choice and the Strath Hobbies OW open wagon kit that I started early last year and perhaps complete one two other projects that I have planned and not to mention surely the long awaited Auscission 830 class should arrive soon.

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Cheers Ken.


archives 4
A light engine movement on the standard gauge at Islington June 1985. A BL, GM, 964, and 603.

archives 7 (1)
A 600 class Alco and a 8300 class brake van at Dry Creek North June 1985.