MARCH 2018


For Tuesday March 20 2018

Thanks to those who came to Tuesday’s operating session on the Kanunda and Emu Flat railway.

For the March session three operators arrived nice and early so, knowing no one else was able to come we got the session away at 1930 hours exactly. I believe that this was the first time since operating sessions began on the K&EFR in 2007 that we have actually started an operating session exactly on the advertised starting time.
The crew was road crew 1 Peter S, road crew 2 David, Kanunda YM, Rod, and myself as hostler (running the staging yard). With the small and experienced expert crew the session went very smoothly even though we missed Sol’s cheerful banter. The only train to run late was the down Overland which was delayed departing Cooper by a very rough running 950. 950 is a Lima model fitted with a Fiddle Yard mechanism. After a quick spray of contact cleaner on the contacts it was running fine and departed four minutes late. All other trains ran well and even though I have not had an opportunity to check cars and cards properly a quick look tells me that they will all be correct. So well done. We all enjoyed the two hour session which also finished on time. I’ll leave the photos to tell the story of some of the trains run.

847 the Traxx model with K&M mech about to cross Bindieye creek as it approaches Kanunda with 402 the up Myrtle Springs goods.


Train O Rama 858 on the grain extra is setting out three AHGX hoppers at Maranalgo.

Austrains 705 and Lima dummy 938 arrive at Emu Flat with the empty stonie.

938 & 705 run around the empty hoppers so they can be propelled to the stone crusher and tipple at Penstone Quarry adjacent to Emu Flat.

The loaded stonie passing through Wooldowie.

840 a Powerline model arrives at Maranalgo from Kanunda with a typical two car Maranalgo goods. The open wagon will go to Sol’s Firewood and the van to the goods shed. The Maranalgo goods will then return to Kanunda with an open wagon filled with mallee roots from Sol’s Firewood and an empty van from the goods shed.


S301 and G511 crossing Five Mile creek and passing Penstone Quarry with the Melbourne Jet. In the background Wooldowie and Kanunda can be seen.

The Adelaide super freighter arrives at Cooper with Austrains C501 and Lima dummy 940


Kit bashed Athearn 503 shunts wagons at Kanunda

The Crew


847 waits, at Kanunda, for down Myrtle Springs goods while 503, driven by the Kanunda Yard Master, makes the train up ready to depart shortly.


The down Myrtle Springs goods arrives at Wooldowie on it’s way to Myrtle Springs. It will set out the first van in the train at the goods shed here.

One advantage to having a small crew was that it allowed me to get around easily to take photos, I took 22 in all. All comments and criticisms welcome
Cheers Ken

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Islington June 1985. A 500 class english electric, note the white brake van.