April 2018


For the operating session held on Tuesday 17-4-18 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thanks to those who came along to the session.

This month I made a load of 48 pallets to go into open wagons.



Also I began working on the Adelaide Model Railroaders exhibition layout this month. So far I have added back drops to the module that I constructed last year.

The three operators who came to the session on the 22nd arrived on time so the session started at 1930 hours sharp.
The two road crews were Sol and Peter S, the Kanunda yard master was Rod. I held the position of hostler.
The session went well but there seemed to be a few strange gremlins around that we were unable to account for. 858 a Train O Rama 830 fitted with a Digitrax sound decoder had fits of stuttering and stopping while passing through the Kanunda power district. It has never done that before so that was a strange one.
The first up train the up Overland departed Cooper on time at 0606 but because I forgot to set the turnouts at Emu Flat to normal before the session it ran the turnout at the up end of Emu Flat causing the up Overland to arrive in Cooper seven minutes late. One other notable late running train was the Melbourne Jet which left Cooper at 0926 instead of 0903. This resulted in the late running Melbourne Jet to cross the on time Adelaide Super freighter at Emu Flat. At the end of the session the up Mt Gambier goods ran six minutes late.
All of the other trains ran smoothly but Sol had a considerable time sitting around waiting at Wooldowie with the livestock train for Peter to clear Emu Flat with the down roadside goods. This is a regular occurrence when a down empty train follows the roadside goods and has to pick up and return with loaded cars. We could say waiting is a regular occurrence on the prototype. However it can become boring for model operators and it makes it hard to run later trains on time. Next time we run a similar schedule I will try to run the livestock or grain extra before the roadside goods. If it works the last few trains should run closer to their scheduled time slots.

Above: 847 ready to depart Wooldowie with the up Myrtle Springs goods.

P1020639 (1)

Above: 949 is ready to depart Emu Flat with the down roadside goods.


Above: Another view of the down roadside goods getting ready to depart Emu Flat. The guard is checking his way bills and has found a car card and waybill for a van loaded with bales of wool to go to Foster in the pick up box that has been overlooked so it will be a little while before the down roadside goods can depart.


Above: B end forward small Alco 847 is about to depart Kanunda with the down Myrtle Springs goods. Kanunda yard shunt engine can just be seen behind the green van in the Myrtle Springs goods.

Above: Also travelling B end forward 930 class Alco passes through Wooldowie with the up roadside goods. The up roadside goods had no work at Wooldowie.


Above: Alco 604 an AR kits model trundles through Wooldowie with the up tank train.

Above: An 830 at Dry Creek North June 1985. Note the yellow bogie frames.

archives 6 (1)

Comments and criticisms welcome.

Cheers Ken.

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