October 2018



Thanks to all who attended.


Following problematic running of sound equipped locos at Maranalgo during the August session I have installed a Lenz LV102 5amp booster to Maranalgo alone. With this done there was no problems with sound equipped locos at Maranalgo this session.


This month we had five operators. Peter and Paul were the road crews, Rod yard master at Kanunda, David hostler and myself controller.

First train out, 313 the down Mt Gambier goods, and we had a problem. BL29 could not get the train moving along at more than about 10 Km per hour. After struggling up grade to Kanunda BL29 was taken off and C507 was brought up from Cooper to take 313 for the rest of it’s journey. This put the schedule behind right from the get go. Some time was made up, but from then on all of the time tabled trains ran late. I test ran BL29 this morning, and it ran fine. I am left wondering if perhaps the problem with BL29 was simply just that it was left dialled up in the hostler’s controller in reverse.

After that glitch everything ran fine even though a little behind time.

Paul has only operated on the K&EFR once before and that was about twelve moths ago and then teamed up with another crew man. Not really used to procedures on the K&EFR when he got 309, the down roadside goods, to Emu Flat where he had some “pick ups” to do he not only picked up for Foster (down) he also picked up Cooper (up) loading. When arriving at Foster (staging) this caused the hostler (David) some consternation because he was ready for a quick turnaround. Alas this was not to be, because he had to cut two wagons out of 309 and place them into 310 the up roadside goods so that the roadside goods could depart on it’s journey back to Cooper.

When it came to the last train of the session, 314 the up Mt Gambier goods, the Kanunda yard master discovered that he had to make 314 over length to be able to clear all of the Cooper loading from his yard. What had tricked him was that when turning the waybills between sessions I had neglected to put waybills in two of the cars’ car cards delivered to Kanunda by the Mile End – Kanunda transfer goods, so when it came to adding loading to trains returning to Cooper these car’s cards had the notice “to Cooper” displayed instead of “ Kanunda Container crane and goods shed”. Being the last train of the session it did not really matter that 314 was too long fit in it’s siding in staging.

So ended another interesting session on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway.


   705 and 938 have just come off the loaded Stonie and are about to place the empty stone hoppers, that can be seen, under the tipple at Penstone Quarry.


At Kanunda shunt engine 503 is setting out a VR  VLPY van at Laucke Mills to be loaded with bags of flour.


As 503 moves away from Laucke Mills, 840 arrives at Kanunda with 404 the up Maranalgo goods. The first open wagon in 404 has a load of mallee roots to be sent to the firewood dealer at Mitcham.


961 is passing Con’s Choice packing shed as it arrives at Wooldowie with the empty livestock train.

I took quite a bit of video during this session which I will edit and upload to You-Tube. I hope that I can get that done by the end of the month. Then I will send out the link to the video.

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Cheers Ken.