February 2019


For Tuesday Feb 5 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway

Thanks to those who attended.


I purchased a DCC specialties PSX-1 circuit breaker from Gwydir Valley Models and fitted it to the peninsula on the K&EFR in the hope that I could eliminate the problems that we have been experiencing with the NCE EB-3 circuit breakers that were unable to reset after a short due to the inrush of current caused by having up to four sound equipped locos in the staging yard at one time.

Below: On the right is the PSX connected to the peninsula. While the EB-3, on the left, is still connected to the other two power districts. Note that the right hand leg of the EB3 is not connected to anything.




Above: Since last session I have made a stack of five pallets which sit at the end of Con’s Choice packing shed. Also I have cleared a bit of ground cover at the end of the shed and gravelled the road to Con’s Choice.


Above: Is this the end of the K&EFR as a common carrier? It is always 1984 on the K&EFR. By April 1985 Australian National had ceased all LCL traffic and the use of brake vans. Builders have been busy building a depot for Liam Logistics in the Kanunda industrial area. Liam Logistics is another beer carton card construction covered in brick paper from Clever Models 

http://www.clevermodels.net/  . The windows are also a printed PDF from Clever Models. I printed the sign using “Pages” on the Macbook pro.


A full crew of six plus a visitor arrived for the session. This necessitated having three rotating road crews. Road crew one was Sol, road crew two was John and Peter, road crew three was David and visitor Brian. Rod was Kanunda yard master, Paul hostler for the first time and myself controller. 

After a bit of socialising the session got underway slightly late. A couple of the time tabled trains left staging two or three fast minutes late because of small mishaps. Otherwise during this session all of the time tabled trains ran on time. So Paul did a good job as hostler. All of the cars shunted during the session finished in their correct spots. So the K&EFR had happy customers.

The PSX-1 proved its worth during this session. There were no shutdowns of the system as has always happened before. This meant that we did not once have to restart the Lenz system.


Above: Small Alco 858 arrives at Maranalgo with train 329 to pick up loaded cattle cars from the cattle pen just visible on the right. The van at the goods shed will have to be moved to reach the cattle pen. The open wagon in train 329 will be placed just before the brake van to keep odours away from the guard in the brake van. Once made up the train will depart Maranalgo as 330 the up livestock train headed to Dry Creek and the Gepps Cross abattoir after picking up more cattle cars at Kanunda.


Above: 705 and 938 cross the lower bridge over Bindieye Creek with the down empty Stonie heading to Penstone Quarry at Emu Flat.


Above: The yard master at Kanunda has made up the down Maranalgo goods. Here 840 waits with it’s train for a crew to take it to Maranalgo. In the back ground 503 can be seen shunting Laucke Mills.


Above: The Kanunda yard master also makes up the down Myrtle Springs goods. 842 is at the head of partially made up 403 down Myrtle Springs goods in Kanunda yard.


Above: 949 on 309, the down roadside goods, at Wooldowie has to move the AHGX hoppers at the silos to set out a van at the goods shed.


Above: V-Line EMD X54 and AN Alco 940 take 202, the Adelaide Jet, through Wooldowie. 949 has to leave the mainline clear to allow the Jet to pass through unimpeded.


Above: With Penstone Quarry in the background 314, the up Mt Gambier goods, crosses Five Mile creek. C501 leads this train. By changing the leading engine the Hostler has changed the Adelaide Jet to the Up Mt Gambier goods. The up Mt Gambier goods has left Mt Gambier and will pick up additional loading for Mile End, it’s final destination, at Kanunda.


Above: 842 on 403 is about to pass Jimba Jimba Jn station on it’s way to Myrtle Springs. The turn out just past the station is where the Myrtle Springs branch line diverges from the main line. The western end of Kanunda can be seen in the background. King’s Petroleum and the top of the container crane.

The session ended at about 10pm when we broke for coffee or tea and banana cake.

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Cheers Ken.