August 2019






Since the last session I built DW4764 a BGB kit that has been languishing in a drawer since Terry gave it to me some years ago.


At the Adelaide exhibition I bought two road trucks. One is now at Wooldowie.

P1020552 (1)

The other a Mercedes prime mover is parked at Kanunda.


Also on the Exhibition second hand stall I bought a pack of detail items. Some luggage and boxes at Kanunda.


Of the detail items I put this crate and sack truck in Con’s Choice packing shed at Wooldowie. Other items have been distributed at the Wooldowie goods shed, Kanunda wagon repair track, and Jimba Jimba Junction. Adding details and road vehicles seem to give life to the layout.  


Including myself we had five operators, Sol was road crew one, John P road crew two, Rod Kanunda yard master, David hostler and myself, train control.

We made a late start even with me acting as Hostler for the first few trains before a late running David arrived.

Even though we have not had an operating session since May the layout ran well but a few of the operators were a little rusty. The first few time tabled trains ran on time until we came to the Melbourne Jet which departed Cooper 13 minutes late. Then the Adelaide Super freighter and down Overland ran on time and the Adelaide Jet was due to go out on time but John had transposed X54’s code into his controller and was wondering why X54 would not run. When he realised the problem the Adelaide Jet departed Foster four minutes late. While passing through Kanunda John did a “Peter S” that is, the Adelaide Jet, ran up to the engine shed instead of heading of on the main line to Cooper. Peter, who is presently enjoying the warm weather  while doing his annual grey nomad thing up in Queensland has now lost his title.


Above: X54 and 940 have run the Adelaide Jet up to the Kanunda engine shed.

All of the other incidents were caused by train control. Firstly I had not changed the boxes for the car cards for the cattle train and the grain extra. This meant that train crews had the wrong numbers and instructions for their trains.


Above: 858 shunting the cattle train at Maranalgo. This train leaves Cooper as number 329 but by having the wrong card box it’s crew thought it was 325. The open wagon in front of the brake van is an idler car to give some space between the brake van and the smelly cattle wagons.


Above: 330 the up livestock (Cattle) train heads up grade toward Kanunda where it will pick up more cattle wagons before proceeding to Cooper.


Above: Train 331, engine and van arrives at Emu Flat with red 930s 942 and 961. Green 930, 949, which is currently shunting the roadside goods at Emu Flat will pick up the AHGX wheat hoppers to form 332 up grain extra which 961 and 942 will depart with heading back to Cooper picking up more loaded wheat hoppers at Wooldowie and Kanunda.


Above: Train 332 picking up more AHGX hoppers at Wooldowie.


Above: Earlier 301 the down Stonie is about to run around its consist of empty stone hoppers at Emu Flat.


Above: Alcos 705 and 938 have cut off from their stone hoppers and are about to run around them to shove them up to Penstone Quarry.


Above: Train control causing havoc again, this time upon the Hostler (staging operator). Train control said that three trains, Emu Flat Passenger, Cattle train  and the up loaded Stonie would fit in staging track eight. They did not.


Above: Small Alco 847 shunting the Kanunda – Mile End transfer goods at Cooper (staging).


Above: Almost at the end of the session. Rod , Kanunda YM, is adding some loading to the Up Mt Gambier goods. John in the background is the up Mt Gambier goods crew.


Above: C501 and 940 depart Kanunda with 314 the up Mt Gambier goods.

Because we were late in starting this session the tank train was annulled and the up Mt Gambier goods was run early, according to the fast clock, allowing us to finish with plenty of time to enjoy our cake and tea or coffee and an after session chat. Most important!

This session showed up some mistakes made by Train Control (layout owner). As always, and in true operating session crew tradition, those mistakes were well and truely pointed out.

So ended another enjoyable operating session on the Kanunda and Emu Flat railway.

All comments and criticisms welcome.

Cheers Ken.