Dec 2019 operating session video pt 3


The K&EFR is a fictional fourteen kilometre stretch of the mainline between Adelaide and the border with Victoria. This line then carries on to Melbourne.

This video picks up the session about half way through. 

Mustard pot 830 class 847 on the transfer goods has just taken six wagons from Kanunda yard back to the west end staging representing Adelaide and environs. After the Hostler ( staging operator ) has exchanged loading the transfer goods will return to Kanunda with another six wagons.

Then the down roadside goods arrives at Kanunda, from Cooper (staging) and sets out loading for Kanunda and the Myrtle Springs branch. At Kanunda the down roadside goods also picks up for stations further down, Wooldowie, Emu Flat and Foster. Then it travels on to Foster setting out and picking up at Wooldowie and Emu Flat. At Foster (east end staging ) the Hostler will exchange the roadside goods loading before it returns to Cooper (west end staging) as the Up roadside goods.

Following the roadside goods is the grain extra from Cooper which sets out wheat hoppers at Kanunda, Wooldowie and Emu Flat. Then returns to Cooper as an up engine and van. 

The up Tank train travels through from Foster to Cooper.

The down Myrtle Springs goods is made up at Kanunda and sets out loading at Wooldowie on it’s way to Myrtle Springs via Jimba Jimba Junction.

The up Mt Gambier goods the last train)  stops at Kanunda to pick up loading for Adelaide (Cooper)

Not shown in this video is the Adelaide Jet a through train which departs Foster at 1044 hours.

I hope that this explanation helps to understand the video.

For a track plan and more information please look at about the Kanunda & Emu Flat railway above.

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