Operating session – Feb 2020





Above: Peter K has been experimenting with making trees for the Adelaide Model Railroaders layout from dried flowers from his garden. To make these pines trees Peter applied green flock to the dried flower stems with cheap hair spray. He gave the first fifteen to me to try for appearance and durability. Nine of then trees are in this photo. I will show the other six in other photos.


Above: I have made a little bit more progress on the Walthers Electric Furnace kit that I am building for the Adelaide Model Railroaders.


February four was the first session for 2020 after a two month gap. We had six operators, Sol road crew 1, Peter S and John road crew 2, Rod as per usual Kanunda Yard master, David Hostler and myself controller.

We got away to a some what late start after the computer used for the 4 to 1 fast clock shut down incorrectly. I accidentally knocked out the plug while starting the clock. Fortunately this hiccup did not flow on for the rest of the session. Once started, the session ran really well. All locos ran very smoothly. We only had one derailment after someone forgot to reset the crossover to normal at Emu Flat after passing through it. That event caused the Melbourne Jet which left Cooper right on time to arrive in Foster a few minutes late. The only variation to the advertised time tables. All cars and car cards finished in their correct spots. 

Last session we decided that whoever took the Hostler job should always do two consecutive sessions. The idea being that by the second session he should have a better handle on the job and hopefully remember the job better he next time that he is required to be hostler. That idea seemed to work even though it was two months since the last session. David was able to remember some of the more difficult moves that the hostler is required to make so he did have a better handle on the job. This helped to make the session the success that it was. 

This session we rescheduled the down Myrtle Springs goods to depart from Kanunda before the up Roadside goods departed from Foster instead of vice versa. The reason being to allow the hostler more time to prepare the up Roadside goods for departure.

It appeared that this change only moved the problems over to the Kanunda yard master. What happened this time was that when the controller issued a train order to the down Myrtle Springs goods’ crew headed

Train no 403  engine 842

at Kanunda


Proceed to Myrtle springs

Shunt at Wooldowie

The down Myrtle Springs goods’ crew , Sol, said “what am I to shunt at Wooldowie I know that there are no pick ups at Wooldowie and I have nothing to set out there.”

I knew that the down Transfer goods recently  had brought a wagon into Kanunda that had to be forwarded on to Wooldowie. The down Myrtle Springs goods passes through Wooldowie on it’s way to Myrtle Springs. It appears that the Kanunda YM had insufficient time to get Wooldowie loading on to the earlier departing down Myrtle Springs goods. I feel that it should not be the controllers job to make sure that the consist of trains is correct. Result being that we will revert to the original order for those two trains. The up roadside good crew will have to remain patient for their train to be prepared by the hostler. These two trains are among the last four trains of the session and there is plenty of gap before the last train, the time tabled Up Mt Gambier goods. Sometimes if all has gone well as happened Tuesday there is a half hour fast time wait before its departure of 1334 from Foster. 


Above: Three of Peter K’s pine trees in the back ground. Trainorama 830 class, number 858, arriving at Maranalgo to pick up loaded cattle wagons. The green open wagon is an idler wagon to be placed between the brake van and the smelly cattle wagons for the return journey to the abattoir at Gepps Cross.


Above: The other three pine trees are on the hill behind Footner cottage at Kanunda. 858 has picked more cattle wagons at Kanunda and is now headed to Cooper (staging) from where it will proceed to Dry Creek yard and finally the cattle wagons will arrive at Gepps Cross abattoir.


Above: 938 a Lima dummy and powered Austrians 705 power through Wooldowie with the loaded stonie.


Above: Maranalgo, and Powerline 840 on the Maranalgo goods is about pick up an open wagon of mallee roots from Sol’s Firewood. The empty WAGR open will be left to be filled with mallee roots.


Above: The late running Melbourne Jet after derailing on the incorrectly set crossover at Emu Flat.


Above: The two locos on the Melbourne Jet seen crossing Five Mile Creek are green BL29 a Powerline model fitted with a Fiddle Yard mechanism and Orange and Grey G511 a dummy Powerline loco. Behind the train is Penstone limestone quarry and in the distance Rod can be seen yard mastering at Kanunda.


Above: The down roadside goods has arrived at Wooldowie.


Above: Austrians X54 and Lima dummy 950 on the Adelaide Jet cause the down roadside goods to pause it’s shunting at Emu Flat while it proceeds through on the main line.


Above: Auscision 830 class 842 sits in the yard at Kanunda waiting for the down Myrtle Springs goods to be made up by the Kanunda yard master.


Above: Engine and van (EV) Lima dummy 930 class 942 and Trainorama 961 pass through Wooldowie on the mainline on the way to Emu Flat where they will begin the run as the up grain extra to Gillman Yard (Cooper staging).


Above: 961 and 942 on the up grain extra run around the AHGX wheat hoppers that they have picked up at Emu Flat to pick up another four AHGXs at the Wooldowie silos.The AHGX hoppers are cheap Powerline hoppers that I have kit bashed.


Above: Trainorama 930 class Alco, 949 running B end forward passes King Forrest and the Cooper Motive power centre as it arrives back into Cooper staging with the up roadside goods.

The session ended a little before 2200 hours. Then operators enjoyed tea or coffee and some cake. All in agreement that it was an enjoyable session.

Cheers Ken.


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