APRIL 2020

There was no operating session held on the Kanunda & Emu Flat railway this month and all operating sessions have been suspended until social distancing rules have been revoked.

However I have completed the Walthers electric furnace that I have built for the Adelaide Model Railroaders. After consulting with then AMR’s industry committee I decided to call the steel mill RHP Steel co after three club members who got this project started. I have called it converter no 2 because it is used to convert iron to steel but it would be unusual for an integrated steel mill to only have an electric furnace. It would have a basic oxygen furnace or perhaps an open hearth as well as the electric furnace which would be used to produce specialty steels. So At RHP Steel no1 converter would be a BOF which we do not have the space for so by naming the electric furnace converter no2 it is implied that there is another converter which would be a basic oxygen furnace.


Above the completed RHP Steel converter no 2.

Other club members have built the Blast furnace and coke ovens. I have just begun work on the rolling mill and that will complete the main structures for RHP Steel co.

Stay safe and keep well

Cheers Ken.

2 thoughts on “APRIL 2020

    1. G’Day Rodney,
      Thanks for commenting. No that structure is for the Southern Central RR the club layout. I just put it on Kanunda yard to get a nice photo.The electric furnace will become part of the steel mill complex on the SCRR.
      Cheers Ken.


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