August 2020 operating session



Another operating session with reduced numbers to allow social distancing.


After three months of working on structures for the Southern Central RR, the Adelaide Model Railroaders layout and cutting up a big heap of cardboard strips for scenery on the SCRR last week I finally got round to beginning to do something for the K&EFR. 

I am going to replace the small goods shed at Maranalgo. So far I have made the barrel roof. I glued a piece of cereal box card over a balsa frame. Then I glued BGB corrugated card over that.

GS roof

Above: The barrel roof for a new small SAR style goods shed for Maranalgo.


This session followed the same format as the July session. This time Rod ran the up Overland then the Myrtle Springs goods before he got stuck into the Kanunda Yard master job. Also Rod ran the Maranalgo goods and the Kanunda – Mile End transfer at times that suited his YM duties John started with the down Mt Gambier goods, doing the set outs at Kanunda himself. John then ran the Livestock train to Maranalgo. From there on John ran the Stonie and all the other pick up trains. I took on the hostler job as well as running the down Overland, the Adelaide super freighter, and the two Jets.

The session ran very smoothly. No one forgot to reset Sandiman Switch so it still remains Ken’s switch. I think that Sandiman Switch has gone through the whole gamut of operator names now. 

A couple of interesting occurrences. With this system the down roadside goods arrived at Kanunda early and Rod was not ready with the three wagons to be picked up. He did manage to find the two vans for Emu Flat for the down roadside to deliver. Leaving the reefer for Wooldowie because he knew that the down Myrtle Springs goods also shunts at Wooldowie. So the down Myrtle Springs which usually has plenty of capacity was a little longer than usual.

The other occurrence was that Rod sent the Kanunda – Mile End transfer down grade with 840 a Powerline 830 class. All well and good except that 840 can not pull six wagons and a brake van back up the 2% grade to Kanunda. It only made it with a lot of wheel spin and a little helping hand. That is why 840 always handles the two or three car Maranalgo goods.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 10.30.38 AM

Above: Myself, foreground, running S310 and X49 into the engine shed after they had finished their duty on the down Overland. Rod can just be seen in the distance shunting Wooldowie with the up Myrtle Springs goods while John, to the right, looks to be just departing Kanunda with the down Mt Gambier goods. Just over my head a corner of the mirror can be seen. This mirror allows crews to see their trains arriving and departing Cooper staging from the other side of the backdrop. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 10.31.09 AM

Above: 858 is moving a van from the goods shed so it can spot the cattle cars at the castle pens. This is the small goods shed to be replaced with the new barrel roofed goods shed.


Above: 949 travelling B end forward with the up Roadside goods reached Wooldowie just as our two hour session was up. This was the same as the July session. Just this train incomplete and three others to run.


Above: The scene at Kanunda at the end of the session. 842 in the passing siding is ready to depart with the down Myrtle Springs goods. The wagons in track 1 and 2 are waiting to be picked up by either the up Roadside or the up Mt Gambier to be taken on to staging,Cooper. This was further advanced than I got during the July session.


Above: Another view of 842.


Above: All of the Kanunda motive power was put away in the engine shed at the end of the session.


Above: Foster staging at the end. C507 and 940 were ready to depart with the up Mt Gambier goods before the session ended but did not get underway.

So ended a most enjoyable operating session.

Cheers Ken.

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