October 2020 operating session


For Tuesday October 13 on the Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway

Another reduced numbers session. We will probably carry on with these for the next three months at least.

Thanks to David and Peter for coming.


The new goods shed at Maranalgo is progressing. The platform is built using beer carton card board. I covered the sides of the platform with stone paper printed from a PDF from Clever Models. The walls are also beer carton card covered with BGB corrugated card.

Above: At Maranalgo a truck waits to collect goods that have been received into the barrel roofed goods shed from the D van sitting in the goods siding.


After a short pre-session briefing the session got away on time with Peter being the road crew. The other two jobs were made up of some mainline running as well as yard work. David was the Hostler and myself Kanunda Yard Master.

I had issues running my first train the up Overland which stalled while passing through Emu Flat for no apparent reason shutting down the whole layout. Some sort of short? I ran the same train twice around the layout Thursday morning with out a problem. So I am no the wiser as to what happened Tuesday night. You can never really replicate the conditions of an operating session solo.

Then later while running the Maranalgo goods I forgot to reset Sandiman Switch resulting in David driving the Melbourne Jet down the branchline. Later David did admit that he noticed my mistake. So I was a victim of a little light hearted karma. The layout owner should not make elementary mistakes like that. Once we got those two incidents out of the way the rest of the session ran very well. Later David got to run the up Mt Gambier goods. One more train than we have run during the two previous reduced number sessions. Early in the session I managed to set up my camera on video while shunting the up Myrtle Springs goods at Wooldowie. After that I did not get a chance to take a decent still shot so the photos below were staged after the session.

Link to the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc03Clj02So&t=78s

Above: English Electric 500 class 503 has just picked up the empty loco fuel tank wagon from loco refuelling and now 503 is about to pick up the open wagon at the end of the Kanunda repair track. These two wagons will soon be put in the up roadside goods when it calls at Kanunda to be sent back to Adelaide (MIle End). This did not happen because this is where the session ended.

Above: Victirian S301 and South Australian 940 depart with the up Mt Gambier goods from Kanunda on the run down to Cooper after picking up a cut of wagons at Kanunda. This was the last train to run this session.

Above: Running at the same time as the up Mt Gambier goods was the up roadside goods that just made it to Kanunda but no further. 930 class 949 arrived at Kanunda running B end forward where as up roadside goods it would have set out two wagons and picked up five including the two RX reefers.

This was another enjoyable operating session. Thanks to David and Peter. It was a chance for me to hone my somewhat rusty operating skills.Usually I am the controller so I do not have the opportunity to grab hold of a throttle.

Cheers Ken.

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