November 2020 operating session




Since last month I have added, on the second attempt, fascia to the curved roof ends of the new Maranalgo goods shed.

The red card is the fascia. Also the corner of the shed wall had been filled with polyfilla.

Also on my work bench is a grain elevator for the club’s layout.

This long structure which will be made of card and PVC pipe and will be a background structure at the rear of Houseman yard on the Adelaide Model Railroaders layout the Southern Central RR where it will ship out wheat in 40’ box cars.


The crew during this moths session was Road crew Paul, Hostler and through train operator Sol, Kanunda Yard Master and branch line goods operator myself.

At the last session David threw out a challenge to this months operators. Last month we go as far as running the up Mt Gambier goods even though the up roadside goods only made it as far as Wooldowie.

This Tuesday just as we were about to start right on time, 1930 hours who should call Sol on his phone? None other than David. I am wondering if that call was a cunning ploy on David’s part to delay the start of the session so that his record would still stand. Well he did delay us for a few minutes.

When we finally got away all trains ran well and the layout performed well. I am afraid to say that I let the side down somewhat with a bit of rough shunting in Kanunda yard and forgetting to reset Sandiman Switch, twice running now, sorry to say Sandiman could now be permanently Ken’s. Sol dropped seamlessly into the K&EFR operating system but Paul did have a little trouble remembering where everything was after the layoff but still acquitted himself well. Sol has an advantage here because of how many other layouts that he operates on.

Regarding David’s challenge: Sol did run the up Mt Gambier goods but this time Paul completed the up Roadside goods’ run right through to Cooper as well arriving soon after the up Mt Gambier goods.

Once again immersing myself fully in operations I did not have any opportunities to take photos during the session. So I took all these photos Wednesday morning. The first three are of how the session finished then some staged photos.

Staging yard. In track two the up Mt Gambier goods with X54 and 940 in the lead. 949, B end forward, is in track four with the up roadside goods.

The only train not run was the down Myrtle Springs goods seen here made up in Kanunda yard with 842 and five goods wagons.

Shunt engine 503 still had quite a few wagons left to set out at Kanunda at the end of the session.


840 ready to depart Maranalgo with an up goods. It has picked up an open wagon of firewood from Sol’s Firewood and a van from the goods shed.

S301 and G511 hauled the Melbourne Jet this session. Seen here passing through Wooldowie.

The overall scene of Maranalgo and Wooldowie with the Melbourne Jet leaving High  Moutain tunnel and the up Maranalgo goods ready to depart Maranalgo.

930 class 949 picking up the empty explosives van from Penstone Quarry while shunting the up roadside goods at Emu Flat.

Another enjoyable session on the K&EFR

Cheers Ken.

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