February 2021 operating session



After a short briefing the session we got under way with John as the main road crew, Rod Kanunda Yard Master and part time road crew and myself hostler ( staging operator) and part time road crew.

This format seems to work quite well and makes for interesting operating sessions which are not stressful. All went well. Just a couple of minor loco problems. All the paper work was correct this time so that helped. We did get through most of the schedule which is designed for four operators and a controller. Rod ran the down Myrtle Springs goods, a first for these reduced numbers sessions. The Up Mt Gambier goods was a combined run. I ran it out of staging, Foster, to Kanunda where Rod took over doing the required shunting then driving the up Mt Gambier goods to Cooper staging.

Even though I had the up Roadside goods made up it was not run and the tank train was not run as well.

All in all a good effort even if we do say so ourselves. We three certainly enjoyed the session.

503 about to spot diesel fuel tank wagon at Kanunda. Up Myrtle Spring goods is in the yard after being run by Rod.

John, foreground, at work in Emu Flat while Rod operates at Kanunda

Ken shunting the transfer goods in the staging yard.

949 the loco from the roadside goods shunting at Emu Flat.

Shunting at Emu Flat

842 has arrived with the down Myrtle Springs goods in the staging track for Myrtle Springs.

961 & 942 two red 930 class locos shunting AHGX wheat hoppers at Emu Flat.

Shoving hoppers up to the wheat silos.

950 and 937 are powering the down Overland past 949 which is shunting the down roadside goods at Emu Flat.

I have a video of this session on my You-tube channel. if you wish to watch it please go to

Thanks and cheers


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