March 2021 Operating session




I have finally finished the new goods shed for Maranalgo. The shed is loosely based on the goods shed at Tanunda. The barrel roof has 3mm balsa trusses to give the curved shape but the rest is beer carton card covered with BGB corrugated card except for the platform/foundation which is covered with printed paper from Clever Models. I started the shed on July 31 2020 and finished March 7 2021. I did get caught up in other projects during that time.

One of those other projects has been the 1: 48 Airfix Spitfire that I am helping Liam , my eight year old grandson, with. We bought it for a christmas present for him. How many of us built Airfix Spitfires when we were kids? Liam is keen on planes especially either modern airliners or WW2 planes. Any way grandpa is getting as much fun out of it as Liam is.


David was the only operator who arrived for this session so just the two of us ran a truncated session. We started by me running the down Mount Gambier goods and David the Overland. From then on we did not run any of the through trains because it would have been too hard for just the two of us to keep to the time table. So we just ran the more interesting stopping trains and took turns in shunting Kanunda yard in between runs. This system worked well and we had an enjoyable evening.

I have been running the Lenz system on 16V for a long time now. A couple of weeks ago I saw a You-tube about DCC voltage where the guy said that globes did not last as long on higher voltages and recommended 14.5V. One of the head light LEDs has gone on Trainorama 830 858 so that got me wondering, so I reset to 14.5V. Which according to a RRamp meter was 14.2V and 13.7V in the signal detected sections of track. I thought it was all running well and it was. The only exception was Trainorama 858 which has Digitrax sound decoder. I ran that particular loco and I had three runaways with it and I have disabled the DC option in the decoder. Any way I will up the voltage a little before the next session and see how we go. On Wednesday morning I cleaned the wheels on 858 and found them to be quite clean.

  This is the only photo I took during the session. Maranalgo with 830 class 858 shunting the cattle train. 858 had to move a van and open wagon from in front of the goods shed before it could get to the cattle wagons.

840, the Maranalgo goods’ loco, is setting a van out at the new goods shed.

The session started at about 1945 and ended at about 2145. David had just run the grain train. I had just arrived at Kanunda with the transfer goods behind 847 and was beginning to make up the down Myrtle Springs goods behind 842 (near track) using shunt loco 503. Of the stopping trains the only ones left run were the down Myrtle Springs goods and the up roadside goods.

Over the next couple of days I ran the last of the session. 842 has arrived at Wooldowie.

842 set out a NOBX open wagon at Wooldowie.

930 class 949 picked up an empty explosives van from Penstone quarry while running on the up roadside goods.

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