July 2021 Operating session



Thanks to those who came to the session.


Paul, myself and Adelaide Model Railroaders member Christiaan bought $400 worth of structures for the AMR’s layout from the estate of Ray Applebee. I converted one of those structures, a Walthers machine shop, to the background structure above for placement on the Southern Central RR the AMR’s club layout.

Also I am scratch building a freight station for the SCRR.

While at Applebee’s I bought a wreck crane for the K&EFR. I have laid some track for it near the Kanunda engine shed. The crane needs some work. Eventually it might be used when the turnout at Sandiman Switch (Haynes switch etc) is run.

I have numbered the tracks through the crusher/tippler at Penstone Quarry. In the past some operators have been unsure which track the empty hoppers should go. This session they have been placed in track 2, the correct track, which is the one under the bins.


The two road crews  were Rod and Peter, Kanunda Yard Master, John, Hostler Paul, and controller myself.

We started well pretty soon after 1930 hours. All locos ran well until 503, the Kanunda shunt, engine mysteriously failed in the last few minutes of the session. The first few trains ran on time but by the time came to run the Melbourne Jet (number 8 in the schedule) we were running considerably behind time. The Melbourne jet departed Cooper at 1006 instead of the advertised 0903. Then the Adelaide Super freighter departed Foster at 1022 51 minutes late. From then on we did not make up any more time but at least we only fell a few more minutes later.

It became apparent that we would not finish in a reasonable time so the session was closed just after 2200 hours even though we had not run the up roadside goods, down Myrtle Springs goods, the tank train and the up Mt Gambier goods. Even though we were running late we were enjoying ourselves and not putting to much pressure on each other. So we broke up at 2200 to enjoy some of Margaret’s famous ginger cake plus tea or coffee. 

Bottle necks at Kanunda were one of the causes of our late running. Here while John Kanunda YM sorts waybills the road crews, Rod and Peter, are waiting patiently. John is still learning the intricacies of operating Kanunda Yard. 

The grain extra departing Kanunda round the back of the yard behind small Alco 858.

After the session. A string of vans waiting at the Emu Flat goods shed to be picked up by the late running up roadside goods.

Also after the session. The down Myrtle Springs goods headed by 842 waits in Kanunda yard.

  After missing the last two months it was good to have a session on the K&EFR. I can report that we all enjoyed the session.

Cheers Ken.

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