August 2021 operating session



The session got away a little late with a crew of four, Hostler Ken, Kanunda yard master Rod, road crews Peter and Paul.

During the session trains ran well with no real problems. I have been downgrading the locos speeds by adjusting CVs 5 and 6. This means that sometimes some locos seem to struggle up grades and around curves but I like the way that the trains just trundle around the layout. Also having low top speeds stops grand kids from thrashing around the layout. 

By the time it came to run the Melbourne Jet, number eight in the sequence, we were starting to run a bit late. The Melbourne Jet left Cooper at 0931 instead of the advertised 0903. The next train the Adelaide Super-freighter was only three minutes late departing Foster at 0934, necessitating a meet at Emu Flat. Then by the time it came to run the down Overland and the Adelaide Jet we were back on time and kept up time for the rest of the session and were able to run the last train the up Mt Gambier goods early to make up for our late start. 

On checking the layout this morning, Wednesday, I found that all cards and wagons were in their correct spots.

So after an enjoyable session we enjoyed a well deserved tea or coffee and a some of Margaret’s famous ginger cake.

Above: The crew in action. Down Maranalgo goods is about to depart Kanunda while YM looks on and to the right the Stonie is getting ready to pick up the string of hoppers loaded with limestone.

Above: Alcos 938 & 705 are setting out empty hoppers under the tipple at Penstone Quarry. This move is done through Emu Flat yard.

Above: Small Alco 840 is completing shunting the Maranalgo goods at Maranalgo,

Above: The on time Melbourne Jet with BL29 and 940 on the point waits at Emu Flat for the late running Adelaide Super-freighter.

Above: A few minutes later X54 and G511 on the Adelaide Super-freighter speed past the waiting Melbourne Jet at Emu Flat.

Above; The hostler has just run 847 round the Kanunda – Mile End transfer and is about to set out the brake van in order to make up the Mile End – Kanunda transfer. This happens in the staging yard.

Above: 949 is about to pick up from the Emu Flat goods shed while working the up roadside goods. The wheat hoppers at the silos had previously been set out by the grain extra.

Above: Alco 949 shunting the up roadside goods at Emu Flat.

Above: English Electric 503 was the shunt engine at Kanunda.

Above: Last train, the up Mt Gambier goods behind V-Line EMD C507 and Australian National Alco 940 is travelling up grade toward the Bindieye Creek bridge and will soon be at Kanunda.

Cheers Ken.

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